Mining machinery

The active areas of mining machinery are mostly mining sites in mountainous and desert areas that are far away from human daily life, and sometimes even work at depths of 2000 meters underground. There are various types of such machinery, from mineral crushing machinery to cutting machinery, screening machinery, loading machinery, conveying machinery, etc., all of which operate continuously 24 hours a day. Regardless of which type of machinery malfunctions, it will have a significant impact on the production of the mining site, and due to the recent large-scale development of machinery, maintenance operations have become very difficult.

Therefore, in terms of the usage environment of bearings, there are many very harsh conditions for bearings, such as "heavy load+impact load", "light load+high-speed rotation", "heavy load+low-speed rotation", etc. Therefore, the bearings that users desire are products with robustness, durability, and high reliability that can withstand these harsh working conditions.

To meet the needs of users, we have always integrated our core technologies, including material technology, lubrication technology, and analytical technology, with the most advanced bearing design technology, and are committed to related research and development. As a result, the goal of providing products that significantly exceed the "long life and high limit speed" levels of previous bearings has been achieved, contributing to improving the production efficiency of mining sites in harsh environments and reducing maintenance costs for customers. In addition, we also provide new solutions that meet environmental requirements.