Paper machinery

The cost of energy and raw materials remains high and rising, as well as the costs associated with new health, safety, and environmental legislation

The fierce competition and increasing globalization, market forces, and increasingly stringent regulatory requirements make it more difficult for pulp, paper, and paper processing operations to be profitable than ever before

Paper mills are facing unprecedented pressure to focus on process efficiency, machine reliability, and all other factors that affect factory production efficiency and profitability, from training to information technology. Meeting the needs of a challenging industry

Pulping and papermaking solutions, providing improved production efficiency and profitability

By combining expertise in bearings, seals, lubrication, mechanical electronics, and services with years of experience in pulp and paper industry solutions, we provide a range of solutions to promote production and reduce maintenance needs for paper mills

The provided solutions cover all aspects from professional bearings and seals to condition monitoring technology, maintenance tools, expert consultation, and binding reliability services, helping to:

Increase production

Reduce downtime

Reduce maintenance costs

Reduce energy consumption and consumables loss

Improve worker safety

Upgrade or optimize equipment

Minimize capital expenditures to a greater extent

Pulp and Paper Industry, Applications, Cases, Plans

Whether you are using wood or recycled paper, the working conditions are usually wet and humid. Machinery needs to operate reliably at medium to low speeds. The range of high and low loads depends on the operation

Paper making

The configuration of paper machines varies depending on the products they are representing. However, regardless of whether the paper machine operates at high or low speeds, is wide or narrow, its configuration must achieve higher efficiency and greater profitability

Paper machine optimization

The problems with paper machines can significantly reduce agency power and quality. Provide a range of powerful solutions to overcome these obstacles. The paper machine optimization plan is specifically designed to identify issues with key equipment, such as the pressing section and spreading rolls, and is also used to strategically collect and analyze machine status data to maximize overall machine efficiency Medium speed gear renovation service

Older paper machines are usually equipped with medium speed gears, which often encounter problems as the machine's speed increases

Rocker arm bearing seat renovation service

The rocker arm bearing seat solves the problem of thermal expansion of the drying cylinder when the temperature of the drying material rises. The rocker arm moves the entire bearing seat along the shaft. However, increasing the speed of the paper machine can lead to vibration and rocker arm wear, which can affect the quality of the paper Asset efficiency optimization

Asset efficiency optimization combines profound knowledge accumulation, extensive industry experience, sexual services, and consulting capabilities with our products and technologies. What is the ultimate result? Fully understanding your business goals and their unparalleled capabilities, we provide you with unique solutions that create true value