Thrust roller bearing

Thrust roller bearings include products that use cylindrical rollers and products that use spherical rollers. Although this type of bearing can only withstand axial loads, it has the characteristics of being suitable for bearing heavy loads and high shaft rigidity. Among them, the thrust spherical roller bearing has a bulging in the middle of the roller and a centering function. Therefore, this type of bearing is not affected by installation errors and shaft deflection. The standard configuration of the cage is made of mechanically processed brass products; The E-type product adopts a stamped cage, which has the characteristic of large load capacity.

Thrust cylindrical roller bearings

The thrust bearing using cylindrical rollers can only withstand axial loads and is suitable for high load applications, with high axial rigidity. Use copper alloy car made cages

Thrust tapered roller bearings

Using tapered roller thrust bearings, TT type bearings have retaining edges on the race and are fixed in the radial direction. There is no flange on the seat ring of TTF type bearings, which allows for a certain degree of eccentricity during operation

Thrust self-aligning roller bearings

The thrust bearing using spherical rollers has self-aligning properties. Not affected by installation errors or shaft deflection. In addition to the traditional model, there is an E-type designed for high load and using stamped cages. (Mark E at the end of the nominal code). When used for horizontal axis and high-speed rotation, it is recommended to use bearings with copper alloy car made cages

Product Application

Hydraulic generators, vertical electric motors, ship propeller shafts, tower cranes, extruders, etc