Agricultural machinery

Based on the growing demand/scale, location, altitude, climate, soil structure, and crop rotation of modern agriculture, each farm is unique. Agricultural equipment needs to operate under many similar challenging conditions, with mud, dust, and debris everywhere; The temperature is extremely hot and cold, washed by rainwater, and sometimes there are corrosive chemicals. After being idle for a long period of time, high-intensity operations are required, and the constantly rising fuel costs and new environmental regulations can only complicate the problem.

Agricultural solutions can meet these needs

We understand the needs of modern farmers. Let's walk into their farmland together and explore the challenges and concerns they face. We work closely with original equipment manufacturers to develop solutions for practical problems, and then verify the feasibility of the solutions on a work farm.

Agricultural solutions have developed a range of solutions and services to help original equipment manufacturers and farmers meet the growing demands of a constantly changing industry. No matter what product it is, from complex combinations to specialized accessories

Advantages of Agricultural Solutions

More sturdy and durable design

Simplified assembly

Provide differentiated products

Reduce warranty costs

End user benefits

Lower cost per hectare

Reduce maintenance

Extend the service life of equipment

Reduce the use of fuel and grease

Higher degree of automation and precision

Higher equipment working ability

Improve safety and comfort

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Combine harvester

After being idle for several months, the combine harvester began a busy work schedule day and night. Unplanned downtime during the harvest season can cause significant agency losses. Unfortunately, intense operation and long-term exposure to dust environments, severe vibrations, and other factors can increase the risk of component failure

We can help combine harvesters withstand the worse consequences caused by nature and work plans. Our sturdy, durable, and lubrication free bearings and sealing solutions can increase operating time when farmers need them more. When maintenance is required, the integrated bearing unit can accelerate installation time. The solution can also help farmers adapt to constantly changing conditions and crop needs

Disc rake

Whether cultivating soil or mowing grass, a disc rake must remove heavy and laborious soil, dust, and more. In working condition, the disc rake bearings must come into contact with these substances and withstand both heavy and impact loads. During the flushing process, the bearing seal must be kept free of water and detergent, and the lubricant must not leak out

The sturdy and durable seal design, as well as the non lubricating bearing unit, help maintain the disc rake more reliably and easily, benefiting farmers and agents. The design of integral seals and bearings helps simplify factory assembly lines and reduce on-site installation time

Disc Mower

Due to the fact that the hay cut and prepared by the disc lawn mower needs to be dried, unplanned downtime for maintenance or repair means a decrease in production. Traditional bearing and sealing configurations often result in reduced production due to the entry of gear particles or other pollutants into the bearings. The subsequent lubricant loss, bearing failure, and expensive troubleshooting will all affect the safety and ultimate efficiency of operators

The sturdy and durable seal design and non re lubrication bearing unit are designed to be more efficient and easy to maintain disc mowers, helping to prevent unplanned shutdowns. The rake device has been tested and can withstand heavy vibrations and harsh on-site conditions. These integrated and compact devices can also help original equipment agents reduce components and accelerate assembly

Packaging machine

Many bearing configurations rotating within the packaging machine must withstand a series of dust, soil, straw, and other pollutants. Farmers and original equipment agents need these bearings to operate reliably, and the less maintenance they require, the better. They are all looking for ways to improve the quality and accuracy of the packaging machine

Agricultural solutions make the operation of the packaging machine device more reliable, efficient, and efficient. The design of sturdy and durable seals and maintenance free bearing units can reduce the need for maintenance and lubrication. Compact electromechanical actuators can help better control the quality of packaging, while engineering consulting services can assist original equipment agents in adjusting and optimizing packaging processes


Improve power density and reliability. Reducing fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions for better ergonomics and greater efficiency; Intelligence; Agricultural cultivation ability. In order to effectively meet these growing demands, agents are seeking suppliers to develop innovative solutions. We can provide assistance.

We can provide a range of new components and systems for original equipment agents, including small cabins, power transmission systems, and parking brakes. Helps simplify tractor design, providing higher fuel efficiency, operational comfort, GPS control, and more.


After being idle for a long time, the seeder was put back into harsh environmental conditions for intense work. Bearings can ensure that they can still effectively sow in harsh environments that come into contact with dirt, dust, detergents, and moisture. Pollutants can lead to bearing failure and costly unplanned shutdowns.

In order to ensure higher profit margins, seedling and seeder machines must also sow as accurately as possible. Computer assisted actuation systems can ensure accuracy, but these components must withstand harsher environments.

With agricultural solutions, original equipment agents are designing more reliable and effective next-generation seedling and seeding machines. The sturdy and durable seal design and maintenance free bearing unit can reduce the need for maintenance and lubrication. Compact electromechanical actuators can utilize seeding technology, while engineering consulting services can assist original equipment manufacturers in meeting any requirements.

Sowing and fertilizing machine

Like a seedling and sowing machine, sowing is applied? The machine needs to be idle for several months, and then work intensively day and night for a period of time. Bearings and other key components, including fertilizer applicators, face a range of harsh environments and possible pollutants. All of these may lead to bearing failure and costly unplanned shutdowns.

In order to help ensure higher crop yields, seedling and seeder machines must also perform unconventional seeding. Computer assisted actuation systems can achieve such levels, but these components also need to withstand harsh on-site conditions. To achieve success in the market; Intelligence; The cost of agricultural solutions must also be affordable for farmers.

Agricultural solutions help original equipment agents develop more reliable, effective, and competitive seeding and fertilization machine devices. The sturdy and durable seal design and maintenance free bearing unit can reduce the need for maintenance and lubrication. Compact electromechanical actuators can achieve higher fertilization machine efficiency. The Engineering Consulting Service Department can assist original equipment agents in optimizing designs to meet customer specified requirements.