Spherical roller bearing

Self aligning roller bearings

It has two rows of symmetrical spherical rollers, with a common spherical raceway on the outer ring and two raceways on the inner ring, forming a certain angle with the vertical axis of the bearing. The center of the outer ring spherical raceway is on the bearing axis. Enable the product to not only allow for certain misalignment during installation, but also ensure the high load-bearing performance and operational stability of the bearings. According to the requirements of the usage situation, a closed structure can be used Split type self-aligning roller bearings.

The inner ring, outer ring, and cage roller components of split type self-aligning roller bearings have a split structure, which can be used for complex disassembly and assembly of bearings and spindle, greatly reducing maintenance or replacement downtime of bearings.

Product Application

Wind turbines, mining equipment, material transportation, pulp and paper, industrial transmission, metallurgy, ships, etc