Warm congratulations to the grand opening of Shanghai Bearing Company, the vice president unit of the Road and Bridge Shanghai Chamber of Commerce!

On October 25th, Shanghai Bearing Company (located at 999 Qiujiang Road), the vice president of the Road and Bridge Shanghai Chamber of Commerce, grandly opened! At the invitation of Mr. Zhang Wenjun, Vice President of the Chamber of Commerce, the Secretariat of the Road and Bridge Shanghai Chamber of Commerce and his delegation went to the opening ceremony to express congratulations!

Shanghai Bearing Company has strong technical strength, selling a wide variety of products, advanced technology, reliable quality, and excellent reputation. In recent years, Shanghai Bearing has closely followed market demand, with a diligent and dedicated executive team and professional collaboration among employees, continuously promoting the development of the enterprise and adhering to the principle of "; Beyond, Value, Collaboration; Our mission is to build a brand with strength and forge the future with professionalism, becoming one of the top bearing enterprises in China!

The launching ceremony

Speech by Tang Yiru, Secretary General of the Road and Bridge Shanghai Chamber of Commerce

Please allow me, on behalf of the Chamber of Commerce, to extend warm congratulations on the grand opening of Shanghai Bearing Company. I wish Shanghai Bearing Company a prosperous business, abundant financial resources, and a brilliant future

Shanghai Bearing Company has been deeply involved in the bearing industry for decades, witnessing the development and changes of China's bearing industry. With a down-to-earth approach, it has gradually grown, strengthened, and persisted, specializing, refining, and solidifying its main bearing business, becoming a leader in China's bearing industry

At the same time, Shanghai Bearing is also committed to expanding its development path and actively participating in the Zhejiang Merchants Return Project. In June of this year, Mr. Zhang Wenjun conducted an on-site inspection of the investment environment and development conditions of Road and Bridge Shanghai Chamber of Commerce, intending to bring the bearing industry back to his hometown Road and Bridge. This not only reflects the strategic vision and strength of Shanghai Bearing people represented by Mr. Zhang, but also reflects Mr. Zhang's enthusiasm for returning investment to his hometown, We sincerely admire Mr. Zhang Wenjun's unwavering entrepreneurial spirit, persistent enterprising spirit, and grateful spirit of returning to his hometown

Company Environment and Product Display

(Source: Shanghai Chamber of Commerce, Luqiao District, Taizhou City)