Shanghai Bearing Company - Wide Variety and Abundant Inventory

Shanghai Bearing Company is an enterprise company established based on the principle of professional cooperation, with 25 members, including 23 manufacturers, a research institute, and an employee university. And it has 68 products that have won national gold and silver quality awards and ministerial and municipal quality awards, with main technical and economic indicators and product quality ranking among the top in China.


Our company was established in 1993 as a small collective sales team consisting of 75 senior retired employees. We specialize in selling products from bearing companies and well-known brands both domestically and internationally. There are 9 types of bearings and joint bearings with an inner diameter of 0.6mm to an outer diameter of 3m or more, as well as specialized bearings such as spherical bearings with seats. Various special specifications of bearings can also be customized.

Our company sells a wide variety of products, with advanced technology, reliable quality, and excellent reputation. Widely used in industrial sectors such as aerospace, national defense, military industry, instruments, printing, papermaking, automobiles, machine tools, and motors. Decades of sales process, large inventory, strong technical strength, and dedicated cooperation with customers at home and abroad for common development.