Shanghai bearing company bearing mall officially launched operation

Online sales are becoming more and more an important way to attract customers. Recently, the three-station bearing mall of Shanghai Bearing Company was officially launched. The mall is a new marketing solution developed by Bailian company, which integrates the secondary development of the PC mall mobile website wechat public platform. Through this platform, customers can choose the products and services they need more easily and quickly.

Shanghai Bearing Company is an enterprise company established according to the principle of professional cooperation, with 25 existing members, including 23 manufacturers, 1 research institute and 1 staff university. The company has 68 products with national gold and silver quality awards and municipal quality awards, and the main technical and economic indicators and product quality are among the best in China.

Shanghai Bearing Company was established in 1993, is a professional sales team composed of senior 75 retired employees, mainly selling domestic and foreign well-known brand bearings, from the inner diameter of 0.6mm to the outer diameter of 3m above 9 categories of bearings, can also be customized a variety of special specifications of bearings. The company has a wide variety of products, advanced technology, reliable quality, excellent reputation, and is widely used in aerospace, national defense, military, instruments, printing, papermaking, automobiles, machine tools, motors and other industrial sectors.

At present, network management has shown a comprehensive development trend, through network management and sales, the majority of bearing operators will achieve twice the result with half the effort.

Shanghai bearing company bearing mall: